Rosco ProCom‘s T&C unit offers OEM and industry-standard qualification testing, function testing and certification of new equipment, as well as recertification of equipment on which the certification has expired.

Rosco ProCom’s Testing and Certification (T&C) Unit was introduced with a strategic vision to provide value added services to our customers through the provision of services that prolong the dependable life of equipment. This can be equipment already in use and in need of recalibration to ensure accurate functionality, or new equipment that requires verification of accurate function prior to use.

Since its inception, the unit has become a benchmark for quality and reliability, aimed at completing all clients’ jobs in a timely manner as well as providing a 24 hour service for emergency requests.

Rosco ProCom’s T&C unit offers OEM and industry-standard qualification testing, function testing and certification of new equipment, as well as recertification of equipment on which the certification has expired. Our areas of specialty include: Calibration, Pressure Testing (Hydro & Gas), Function Testing and Sales and Rentals of equipment.


Calibration enables you to avoid errors and missed measurements by ensuring the highest degree of measurement precision thus empowering you to maintain better control of your processes and provide you with the tools to make the right decisions. Rosco ProCom’s T&C Unit understands the importance of accurate pressure and measurement calibration and its direct relation to safety, efficiency, quality and compliance so our experienced technicians will work closely with you to get the job completed to the required specifications or standards and can perform our calibrations either in-house or on-site.

We currently Calibrate: Torque Wrenches, Gas Samplers, Digital and Analog Pressure Gauges, Calipers, Pressure Recorders, Pressure Transducers and Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Testing (Hydro & Gas)

Pressure testing is a key integrity and qualification test for many types of pressure-containing equipment used in the Oil and Gas industry. We conduct pressure testing in the field, where possible, as well as in our test-cell in a safe and controlled manner.
Hydrostatic testing has long been used to verify the integrity and safe working pressures of pressure-containing equipment to ensure it is structurally sound and can withstand internal pressure before being put into service.

We are capable of Testing & Certifying: Flowline Equipment, Valves, Hoses (standard/cryogenic/breathing air), Manifolds, Fittings, Regulators and Pressure vessels.

Function Testing

Optimum equipment performance allows for smooth production and cost savings in any industry. Downtime on machines and tools contribute to delays, which in turn can contribute to increased costs and affect your bottom line. We perform function testing on mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic tools, ensuring that they are operating to the manufacturers’ performance parameters and verify that they are fit for purpose. Should the need arise, we will work continuously to ensure that your equipment is back on the jobsite, performing efficiently to get the job done.

We are capable of Function Testing: Pumps, Test Packs, Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Electric Power Tools, Grinders, Flange Spreaders, Reciprocating Saws, Scalers, Impact guns, etc.

Sales & Rentals

Rosco ProCom represents top OEM brands and products whose reputations are cemented in decades of commitment and has contributed to building this industry.

Our T&C Unit offers both sales and rental equipment as an option for our customers. As such, we have replacement equipment readily available as your need arises. This integrated approach gives the client the convenience of a rental option, which when compared to the capital cost of acquisition is very economical. All equipment supply and rental adheres to strict quality control standards, ensuring that only excellent performance is delivered.

Available rental equipment include: Injection Pump Packages, Pumping Iron (Flowline), Pressure Relief Valves, Digital Gauges, Grease Injection Pumps (Valtex), Sampling Cylinders, Chart Recorders, High Pressure Test Pumps and Air Booster Pumps.


Rosco ProCom understands the need for precise and complete documentation that is to be provided for certified equipment. We have invested heavily in calibration equipment and software that allow for accurate graphing and charting, giving the client true “proof of test”.

We offer this in conjunction with our certificates of conformance (COC) so that our clients can verify the outcome of each calibration or test performed.