Corrosion School Trinidad wrapped up its educational session today, leaving participants with a comprehensive understanding of critical aspects of industrial paint application. The intensive program, sponsored by Pete Mitchell (GMA Garnet Group) and Richard Blanc & Co. Ltd., featured expert presentations from both Hempel and NACE/SSPC instructors.

“This learning environment serves a vital role in empowering Trinidad’s industrial coatings personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills required for effective corrosion protection,” remarked Asha Maharaj, Manager, Industrial Coatings at Rosco Procom. “The hands-on practical sessions, were well received by the participants as the program uses real life scenarios and advises corrosion protection solutions as well as recommending pro-active surface preparation methods.”

Hempel representatives Jamie Laird (Sales Manager for Energy and Wind) and Jarred LeJeune (Account Manager II) shared their expertise on a range of topics, including:

  • Atmospheric Systems: Demystifying the role of zinc in corrosion protection and selecting the most suitable epoxy systems for diverse service environments.
  • Topcoat Comparison: Exploring the advantages and trade-offs of Polyurethanes, Polysiloxanes and Hydrophobic Polyurethanes.
  • Lining Selection: Guiding participants through the intricacies of choosing between thin film and thick film lining options.
  • Additives and Environmental Factors: Understanding the impact of high build coatings, temperature, dew point and humidity on application and curing.
  • Coating Defects and Failures: Pinpointing causes and remedies for common issues, adapted to specific offshore and onshore conditions in Trinidad.
  • Storage and Preservation: Ensuring optimal longevity and performance of coating products.

Beyond Hempel’s insights, Corrosion School participants benefitted from Pete Mitchell’s (GMA Garnet Group) session on surface preparation and the significant impact of abrasives on surface finish. This holistic approach provided attendees with a valuable understanding of the interconnected factors influencing successful industrial paint application.