Rosco Procom proudly announces its successful achievement of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) Certification, underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment to safety and excellence in rigging & lifting operations.

“Earning the LEEA Certification signifies a milestone for our Rigging & Lifting Division,” declared JP Rostant, Head of Rigging and Lifting Division/Director at Rosco Procom. “This accreditation not only validates our adherence to the highest safety standards but also positions us as a trusted leader in the industry. We’re confident that this achievement will significantly enhance our reputation and attract new clients seeking unparalleled safety and expertise.”

The LEEA Certification program sets the gold standard for safe lifting practices worldwide. Rosco Procom underwent a comprehensive audit process, demonstrating its proficiency in equipment maintenance, risk assessments, and personnel training.

By achieving this esteemed recognition, Rosco Procom reinforces its dedication to:

  • Prioritizing worker safety: Implementing stringent protocols and procedures to minimize risks and prevent accidents.
  • Delivering superior service: Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and employing highly trained personnel to ensure project success.
  • Building industry trust: Establishing itself as a reliable and dependable partner with a proven track record of safety and compliance.

Rosco Procom is committed to continuous improvement and will leverage the LEEA Certification to further refine its rigging & lifting practices to solidify its position, as a leading provider of safe and efficient lifting solutions.