Rosco Procom is excited to announce the addition of ARO Air Diaphragm Pumps to its growing portfolio of leading industrial equipment brands. Renowned for their reliability and versatility, ARO pumps bring a new level of efficiency and performance to Rosco Procom’s fluid transfer solutions.


“We are proud to partner with ARO, a global leader in diaphragm pump technology,” declared Glenn Wortman, Head of Mechanical and Electrical Division at Rosco Procom. “Their commitment to innovation and superior engineering aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our customers with the best possible tools for their operations.”

ARO pumps boast a wide range of features that make them ideal for diverse applications, from chemical processing to water treatment and industrial coating. Their sealless design minimizes maintenance requirements, while their ability to handle large particles and run dry without damage ensures optimal performance and longevity.


“ARO pumps offer a unique combination of reliability, ease of use, and adaptability,” added Wortman. “Their portability and self-priming capabilities make them ideal for a variety of environments, while their diverse material options cater to the specific needs of various industries, including coatings, petrochemicals, oil & gas, and commercial and manufacturing markets.”


Rosco Procom is confident that the addition of ARO pumps will significantly enhance its ability to serve the needs of its customers across Trinidad and Tobago. With their commitment to providing expert advice and comprehensive support, Rosco Procom looks forward to helping clients leverage the full potential of ARO’s innovative technology.