In Corporate Social Responsibility

On September 6th, 2016, students of Exchange R.C. Primary School, Couva, were thrilled to receive free papered copy books and pens to start their new academic year. The school supplies were donated by Process Components Ltd. (ProCom)

The school boasts a rich historical and cultural background in Couva, having officially opening in 1923 and currently facilitates over 300 students. Willingly volunteering their time, ProCom’s staff rallied together to wrap copybooks which were also distributed to families within surrounding communities.

Mark Laughlin, Chief Executive Officer, ProCom, stated his immediate intentions of turning the school supplies drive into an annual tradition. “Everyone should have access to the basic requirements for attending school, which ensures and secures a better future for each child” he said. Laughlin further expressed the need for more businesses to understand the importance of supporting the community, where a business thrives and operates daily.


Photo 1: Mark Laughlin, CEO, Process Components Ltd.(ProCom) hands over a stack of copybooks to Mr.Baptiste, Standard 4 Teacher, with some of his students looking on.
Photo 2: Staff of ProCom engaged in the tedious task of wrapping the books