Rosco ProCom offers a wide range of filters, regulators and lubricators (FRLS) for your compressor. Clean Air Guaranteed!

The ARO-Flo Series by Ingersoll Rand continue the tradition of offering premium products for your operation, and also raises the bar in the industry for safety, flow performance, and modularity.


ARO-Flo Series FRLs are designed with integrated safety features such as locking bowls and clear multilingual markings. Accessories such as lockout valves, check valves, and soft-start valves allow the air supply to be safely managed and controlled.


ARO-Flo filters, regulators, and lubricators perform better than almost any other air filtration device. This means less air is choked during the air preparation process, and your equipment can perform at its peak performance.


All ARO-Flo accessories are designed to integrate with each other within each size range. From pipe adapters to T-brackets, your complete FRL assembly and its individual components can be easily, safely, and quickly assembled or disassembled with a minimum of tools — no fuss or complications, even with fixed piping.


ARO-FLO compressed air filters are designed to remove airborne solid and liquid contaminants. Filters can be ordered with different elements, including coalescing models which are capable of removing oil aerosols and particles down to 0.3 micron. Standard filters are s old with 5-micorn elements; 40 micron elements can be purchased and installed separately.


Air line regulators provide controlled, consistent air pressure as required for specific pneumatic equipment connected to the air system. All ARO-FLO regulators are offered with a standard adjustment range 0-140 psig (0-9.6 barg). Alternative spring ranges are offered for easy conversion to suit different requirements. Non relieving regulators are offered for applications where the venting of downstream overpressure is undesirable.


ARO-FLO mist-type lubricators help ensure that pneumatic devices receive the required lubrication to maintain peak performance, reduce wear, and prolong service life. They are designed to provide the correct amount of oil required for most general applications in a pneumatic system, delivering a constant ratio of oil to air flow. Precise oil feed adjustment sets the proper oil drip rate. Lubricators should be installed close to the downstream application to ensure effective distribution of oil.


Filters, regulators, lubricators can be combined together to form combinations. They are typically strung together in the F+R+L arrangement (three piece combo) and F/R + L (two piece combo) arrangement, although other configurations are also used depending on application needs. ARO-FLO combination FRLs are easily assembled using modular spacer kits.