Forum Energy Technologies (FET) is an international oilfield products company, serving the subsea, drilling, completion, production and infrastructure sectors of the oil and natural gas industry. Forum Energy Technologies (FET) was formed in 2010 in a five-way merger among Forum Oilfield Technologies, Triton Group, Subsea Services International, Global Flow Technologies and Allied Technology. Since then the company has grown through acquisition and organically.

FET is over 3500 employees strong and still growing. Its products include highly engineered capital equipment as well as products that are consumed in the drilling, well construction, production and transportation of oil and natural gas.

Product Categories include:

  • Valve Solutions
  • ABZ Valves & Controls
    • Technical Information
  • DSI
    • Cast Steel Gate, Globe, Check Valves
    • Cast S.S. and High Alloy Valves
    • Forged Steel Gate, Globe, Check Valves
    • Flanged, Threaded and Socket Weld Valves
    • Seal Welded Floater