With over 45 years of experience in the lifting, rigging, and load security industries, Strider~Resource is dedicated to providing its clients with progressive products and processes and quality manufacturing machinery that encourage business growth through safer and more efficient work sites.

Our comprehensive solutions include:

  • Roundsling Machines, Fabrication Systems, and component materials
  • One Press® Dies and Sleeves for wire rope slings and assemblies
  • Smart™ Swagers with Swager Guarding™
  • Modern Universal™ Swagers
  • Ferrule Secured System Provider
  • Modern Forward Compatiable™ Test Machinery
  • Annealing Machines
  • ReelPower Reeling, Coiling, Take Up and Pay Out, and Cut to Length Machines
  • Extra Heavy Duty Sewing Machines for synthetic web and roundslings
  • Gigasense (PIAB) Force Measurement Devices for in line and on line measurement and control of loads, overloads and tension
  • Wirelock® Polyester Resin Socketing System for terminating steel wire ropes and cables in lifting, towing, suspension and guying applications
  • Paralock® Socketing Compound for fibre rope applications