Rosco Procom supplies an impressive portfolio of insulation and fire-resistant fabrics, tapes, ropes, tubing, and glass yarn which supports a range of applications including fire safety, heat shielding, welding protection, insulation systems, expansion joints and gasketing.

Heat resistant fabrics are also used in fabricating parts, specifically seals; curtains and blankets are used as thermal insulation barriers when welding. There are many types of heat resistant fabrics; each with its own specific properties, suitable to different applications. Using high temperature fabrics reduces the risk of fire and heat, protects personnel (PPE), equipment and lowers energy consumption.


For 40 years Newtex has been a pioneer and leading producer of high temperature fabrics for thermal management and fire protection. Manufacturing, designing and testing these innovative products from a 100,000 sq ft. high-tech headquarters in New York, USA. Serving many industries: home fire safety, military & homeland security, food & other processing, foundry casting & glass, firefighting, automotive & transportation, aircraft & cargo transport, architectural & construction, shipbuilding & marine, power generation and petroleum & chemicals.

Newtex produces: Fabrics, high temperature fabrics for the fabrication of welding protection, insulation blankets, and PPE; Mats and Felts, mats and felts for high temperature insulation; Tapes, heat resistant tapes for high temperature gasketing, sealing, and insulation applications;

Ropes and Sleeves, heat resistant ropes, braids, and sleeves for high temperature sealing and insulation applications.

Fire resistant fabrics are used in a wide scope of applications:

  • Gasketing & Sealing – specialized line of asbestos-free tapes and ropes for use in high temperature gasketing and packing applications.
  • Insulation, lagging & covers – High temperature materials for producing removable insulation, expansion joints and other fabricated systems.
  • Welding & Fire protection – Protective fabrics for use in applications where molten metal splatter and hot works operations pose serious fire hazards.
  • Smoke control & containment – manufacture fabrics, curtains, coatings & containment units designed to control smoke.
  • Radiant heat control – protect workers and equipment from radiant heat in foundries, steel mills, and industrial firefighting applications.
  • Personal protective apparel – fiberglass, aramid and aluminized materials for extreme protective PPE
  • Moisture & chemical barrier – Range of inorganic coatings provide moisture, chemical, abrasion & weather resistance.