In Corporate Social Responsibility

On Tuesday 15th December, Process Components Limited (ProCom) donated twenty (20) essential hampers to the Living Water Community, for distribution. The hampers, consisting of toiletries, dry and canned goods will be distributed to those families whom experienced loss of income and unemployment due to Covid-19. Staff members donated non-perishable food items, and made financial contributions, whilst others volunteered their Friday afternoon to assist with assembling and wrapping the hampers.

During the brief handover ceremony, Suzanne Dowdy, Director, Living Water Community complimented Mark Laughlin, CEO, ProCom for keeping his promise to continue supporting the NGO. In 2018, ProCom donated ten thousand dollars to assist families who were affected by flooding.

“Due to the global pandemic, social distancing is important! However, we shouldn’t stop giving or caring because we cannot physically interact.” reasoned Laughlin, “Traditionally, this time of the year has always been a festive season and whilst adhering to Covid-19 protocols, we should all continue to give freely, supporting and spreading positivity.”