Rosco ProCom offers Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger’s which are guaranteed to improve air flow efficiency for the Oil and Gas industry; offshore production platforms, downstream process plants and refineries.

Air-cooled equipment is sometimes preferred as more cost efficient, when compared to the increased operating cost of using water cooled systems. Also known as Fin Fan Heat Exchanger’s, it is typically used in applications where water is not available. Installed in a wide variety of applications including; lube oil coolers, water and glycol coolers, inter/after coolers on compressors, jacket water cooler, engine radiators, belt guard after-coolers, hydraulic oil coolers (both stationary and mobile), closed loop cooling systems and condensers.

Axial fan blades rotate around an axis, thus causing air to be pulled in parallel to the axis of rotation and pushed out in the same direction. Axial fans generate a low pressure, high volume airflow and are suited for cooling confined spaces. The most common type of fan for Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger is less than 14ft. diameter and has four blades.

Hudson Corporation

The global leader in Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers since 1939, Hudson Corporation pioneered the use of air-cooled heat exchangers in gas plants and refineries in the 1930’s.  Since then Hudson has remained in the forefront of air cooling technology; with more than 20,000 Hudson Fin-Fan® air-cooled heat exchangers at work around the world,

Distributed Worldwide

250,000 of Hudson Corporation axial flow fans are in use in more than 100 countries around the world.

Advanced proprietary technology in design and manufacturing

Specially designed vinyl ester resin, embed proprietary leading edge protection provides a UV resistant coating on the exterior of the blades. Strength to weight ratio is also maximized with corrosion resistance.

Designed with an aerodynamic twist and taper which provides even air flow distribution along the blade span. This feature also benefits horsepower loading, energy efficiency, and a smoother fan operation with minimum vibration.

Tested to Rigorous Standards

Before Hudson fans go to work in your plant, they are tested computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. Hudson performs extensive testing in its research and development facilities to ensure its fans live up to the demanding standards and the expectations of the most demanding plant operators and environments in the World.