Rosco ProCom supplies and services a complete line of highly efficient compressors and blowers for a broad range of industrial applications.

In some industries compressed air is a safety requirement because of the risk in using a heat producing power source. Compressed Air is used in a number of applications: oil and gas, manufacturing, industrial, construction, tyre shops, pneumatic equipment, agriculture and breathing air (oxygen). Types of compressors include: Single & two stage reciprocating, Compound, Rotary-screw, Rotary-vane, Scroll, Turbo and Centrifugal.

Blowers increase the velocity of air through impellers, which ensure that the pressure of the air at the outlet is higher than the inlet. Mainly used in industries with moderate pressure requirements is more than a fan or less than a compressor: exhausting, aspirating, cooling, ventilating, conveying. Bowers can be single or multistage units.


For over 165 years, FS-Curtis has surpassed the world standards for compressed air by providing quality products to some of the most demanding industries. FS-Curtis manufactures Rotary Screw and Reciprocating Air Compressors, Air Treatment (Dryers & Filtrations), Toledo products, vacuum pumps and genuine parts & lubricants.

In 2005 Curtis-Toledo, Inc. became FS-Curtis after being purchased by Fusheng Industrial. 10 year later, FS-Curtis introduced the award winning Nx-Series, a single-stage rotary screw compressor, and later in 2017 introduced the two-stage rotary screw compressor, the Nx-HE. The unique features of the NxHe ensure that companies continue quality production in a cost efficient and timely manner. Not only is the NxHe designed to extend its component’s life, but it’s also energy saving and eco-friendly.

Bauer Compressors

BAUER’s Breathing Air Compressor Systems are the gold standard for: firefighting, diving, military, offshore, industrial and medical applications. Where reliable ultra-pure breathing air is required to maintain life safety. A manufacturer in the highly specialized markets of high pressure breathing air products, GSA/military breathing air products, industrial air and gas products, plastics technology, natural gas, and inert gas compression.

Each product within the breathing air portfolio is specifically designed for the end user application ranging from small mobile systems to very large stationary systems operating in fire stations, mobile vehicles, dive operations, shipboard, offshore platforms, industrial plants, etc. Bauer systems can fit any need from 2.9 scfm charge rate up to 145 scfm charge rate (per compressor system) with fill pressures up to 6000 psig. The Containment SCBA/SCUBA fill stations are built to exceed the current NFPA standards and including independent certification by a third party laboratory.

Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver is a leading global provider of flow control technology, application expertise and support services to a diverse customer base through a family of trusted brands. Founded more than 150 years ago, Gardner Denver focuses on developing engineered solutions to customers’ biggest operational challenges, with an emphasis on providing absolute reliability, increased efficiency and lower energy expenditures wherever possible.

Gardner Denver is a global manufacturer of compressors, pumps, blowers and other engineered solutions for various industrial applications. Specializing in highly engineered compressed air and vacuum solutions used across a range of industries, including pumps and consumable products used in oil and gas production, as well as air treatment systems, genuine replacement parts, and fluid transfer equipment for the chemicals, green technology and food and beverage industries.


CompAir stands for continuous innovation and development of compressors and compressed air equipment. Ground breaking compressed air technologies, such as Quantima, deliver superb efficiency and performance. Plus with the dedicated in-house airend manufacturing CompAir is able to specifically influence the performance of the compressor to achieve the highest levels of reliability and efficiency.

For a complete range of rotary screw, reciprocating, centrifugal and portable compressors as well as compressed air treatment and accessories, CompAir has the innovative answer to industry’s compressed air demand.

CompAir offers a wide range of portable compressors, with a reputation within the industry for the highest quality and reliability, which meet the requirements of numerous mobile compressed air applications


Tuthill Corporation is a privately held global manufacturer of industrial goods; specializing in rotating equipment such as pumps, meters, vacuum systems & blowers. Supporting numerous industries including: Chemical, Food & Beverage, Energy & Power, Construction and Pharmaceutical & Medical; Tuthill offers customers expertise supported by 100+ years of engineering experience.

Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems, manufacturer of Kinney ® vacuum pumps and M-D Pneumatics ™ blowers & vacuum boosters, is a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance, reliable positive displacement blowers, mechanical vacuum pumps, vacuum boosters and engineered systems ready to install and run. Hands-on care and attention is given to every product that is built and tested prior to shipping, to just about any region of the world.

While Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems offers products and packages that are ready to install and run, the Systems Engineering Group also designs and builds a custom blower or vacuum system for your specific application.