Rosco ProCom is a leading supplier of power generation equipment in T&T.

We are authorized distributors for internationally recognized brands such as KOHLER-SDMO, ASCO and Deka Unigy Batteries.

We supply, install and service an entire range of generators from 5 kVA to 3300 kVA and offer competitive prices and service packages that are tailored to suit our customer’s needs. KOHLER-SDMO specializes in standard and bespoke generating set solutions

We supply, install and service an entire range of generators from 5 kVA to 3300 kVA and offer competitive prices and service packages that are tailored to suit our customer’s needs. KOHLER-SDMO specializes in standard and bespoke generating set solutions for all types of power and applications.

  • Integrating Research and Development in all product features
  • No compromise on quality and compliance with standards
  • Investing heavily in innovation to drive market progression
  • Modern high performance factory
  • Extensive technical support in over 150 countries
  • Power products reduce pollutant emissions and minimize operating costs

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KOHLER-SDMO - Commercial and Industrial

Commercial and Industrial

KOHLER-SDMO designs, manufactures and installs standard generating sets rated between 1 and 200MW.

Offering the widest range on the market, with standard generating sets from 1 to 3300kVA suitable for all fields of applications.

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water and waste treatment
  • Construction
  • Data centers

Powers hardwired systems to ensure your business operations are not adversely affected due to power outages at critical peak periods.

KOHLER-SDMO - Portables


Generating sets ranging from 0.9 to 20kVA. Specific and adaptable, the generating sets in this range create innovative solutions and technologies that meet the specific requirements, of a broad spectrum of applications.

Portable Power, efficiency and ease of handling are the key features of this range, which meet the diverse needs of the professional market, whilst keeping a strong focus on safety. Technical information, user safety and sound levels adhere to recognized compliance standards.

Designed for job sites, camping, tailgating and other mobile activities. Powers individual items such as plug in tools, appliances and lamps with extension cords. Runs on diesel; no installation required.

KOHLER-SDMO - Residential


What’s a Home Generator?
A KOHLER-SDMO standby generator is installed outside your home or business like an AC unit. It’s wired into the electrical panel and powers on automatically during a power outage. KOHLER-SDMO generators run on propane/LPG or diesel.

Before power goes out
Your automatic transfer switch (ATS) monitors the electricity coming from the utility.

A power outage begins
When the power fails, the ATS signals the generator to start. In seconds, the ATS switches your power source from the utility to the generator.

Your generator powers your home
The generator supplies your home with electricity until the utility power is restored.

The utility power returns
When the utility pwer is restored, the ATS automatically transfers your power source from the generator to the utility.

Your generator turns off
Your KOHLER-SDMO generator automically shuts down, ready for the next power outage.


ASCO Power Technologies, is the world leader in emergency and standby power transfer solutions. Reliably transfer loads to emergency sources with automatic transfer switches and non-automatic transfer switches. Maximum reliability & Excellent value. With a automatic transfer switch, you get a product backed by ASCO Power Technologies, the industry leader responsible for virtually every major technological advance in the Transfer Switch industry.

Designed for one purpose – to automatically transfer critical loads in the event of a power outage. Each and every standard component was designed by ASCO engineers for this purpose.

The series 300 incorporates the Group G controller with enhanced capabilities for dependable operation in any environment. A user friendly control interface with a 128×64 graphical LCD display and intuitive symbols allow for ease of operation while visual LED indicators verify transfer switch status. Operating parameters and feature settings can be adjusted without opening enclosure door.

The rugged construction and proven performance of the ASCO series 300 assure the user of many years of complete reliability. The Series 300 is even designed to handle the extraordinary demands placed on the switch when switching stalled motors and high inrush loads. ASCO’s series 300 modular, compact design makes it easy to install, inspect and maintain. All parts are accessible from the front so switch contacts can be easily inspected.

Designed to fit anywhere – with space in electrical outlets being at a premium, the use of wall or floor-mounted ASCO Power Transfer Switches assures designers optimum utilization of space.

Deka Unigy

The Deka Unigy II battery series is available in a wide range of capacities and sizes in configurations of three and six cells per module.

Positive plate capacities range from a 45 AH. cell to the newest 95 AH. plate battery. Deka batteries, constructed using the finest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, are known for their high reliability and superior performance.

Unigy II batteries are designed to achieve 20 years life under normal operating conditions.