Rosco ProCom distributes the leading brand of Mechanical Seals and Packing for various applications to the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Manufacturing Industries.

Whenever a rotating shaft moves fluid, mechanical seals play a key role in sealing the process fluids in, keeping contaminants out, or both. Stationary seals are also referred to as packing. The effectiveness of the seal is dependent on adhesion in the case of sealants or compression in the case of gaskets.


For over 130 years, Chesterton has provided practical, knowledge-backed solutions for fluid sealing and efficiency, industrial process reliability, and environmental compliance. Working with companies operating in some of the toughest industries around the world. From mechanical and hydraulic seal design to packing formulations, Chesterton engineering team excels at collaborating to solve problems and to create tailored solutions for a wide range of demanding applications, from sealing high-pressure gases to abrasive slurries.

Chesterton offers a comprehensive line of Industrial Fluid Sealing Systems, High Performance Protective Coatings, and specialty Industrial Maintenance products. These include Mechanical Seals, Polymer Seals, Technical Products, Packing and Gasket material.

Chesterton provides sealing solutions for Rotating Equipment: mechanical seals, pump packing, rotary seals, gasket & joint seals, plant productivity programs.

Sealing solutions for Stationary Equipment: valve stem packing, flange gasket sealing, heat exchanger sealing, bonnet seals, manway sealing, sootblower solutions.

Sealing solutions for Fluid Power Equipment: Hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, sealing repair kits, spring-energized seals, speedseal centers.

Industrial Lubricants and MRO Chemicals: industrial lubricants, cleaners / degreasers, maintenance specialties, corrosion control, metalworking fluids.

ARC Industrial Coatings: concrete coatings and metal coatings.


Among Chesterton’s many award-winning and industry-enhancing innovations are:

Split Seal Technology
Chesterton designed the first commercially-viable split seal design, which forever simplified the installation of mechanical seals by eliminating the need for costly equipment disassembly.

Gas Seal Face Technology
A new approach to gas seal design that incorporates a patented In-Gland Control System (IGCS) which dynamically controls gas pressure to process pressure —​allowing continued operations during gas disruptions and lowering gas consumption.

Low Emissions Valve Packing
Valve stem packing technology, exemplified by Chesterton 1622 Low E Valve Packing, delivers extremely low emissions rates (average of 12 ppm) without gland adjustments over 1500 strokes and three temperature cycles.

Materials Technology​
AWC800: A proprietary high-performance polymer with a low co-efficient of friction and long elastic memory results in seals for hydraulic and pneumatic applications that offer reduced leakage and lower maintenance.