Rosco ProCom represents a worldwide leader in process equipment and chokes used in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, ProCom has the capability to conduct in-house sizing, design and testing.

A wellhead choke controls the surface pressure and production rate from a well. Chokes usually are selected so that fluctuations in the line pressure downstream of the choke has no effect on the production rate.

Much of the equipment used in the refining and processing industries is known as Process Equipment. The design of process equipment facilitate the performance of specific, singular tasks. Process equipment can be used for tasks a varied as storage, controlling flow, and containing chemical reactions.

ProCom also supplies a full range of spare parts for chokes operating in Trinidad and have qualified service technicians to perform service work.


NOV is one of the leading suppliers of choke products for the oil and gas production market. Providing comprehensive solutions for a multitude of applications for all production choke customer needs. NOV’s global footprint spans every region throughout the world which allows, close proximity to every production site and timely support to any requirements for sales and aftermarket services.

NOV covers a complete line of chokes from 2″ through 8″ from 2000 PSI to 20,000 PSI. This includes commodity chokes as well as custom designed engineered solutions.

With automation solutions on many standard choke models such as the CVC and MPC series. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the choke bonnet and stem to accommodate some manufacturers’ actuator models. NOV provides fully engineered and preassembled bonnet assembly as a complete upgrade kit. These automation upgrade kits help keeps downtime for the conversion to an absolute minimum.

Manual chokes are also designed with future automation in mind, allowing these models to be converted to automated operations in a simple, efficient and economical manner.