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Process Components Ltd. is the local agent for FMC Wellheads in Trinidad. The agreement between the two parties was signed in 2006 after several discussions and meetings between the two Companies.

FMC Technologies is one of the major wellhead suppliers globally, and has been operating in Trinidad for a number of years. “We are no stranger to the Trinidad Market”, said Robert Booker, FMC’s Latin Amercia Sales Manager “we just need the additional local support and ProCom certainly has the knowledge and experience to make a difference to our operations in Trinidad.”

The partnership of FMC and ProCom recently announced their success in securing a three year wellhead contract with BG Trinidad & Tobago Limited, an agreement covering both BG’s NCMA and ECMA acreages.

Exploring for oil and gas is a high-risk business. As exploration and production has moved to harsher and more challenging environments, FMC has responded with safe and reliable wellhead systems that help our customers balance well-economics, performance demands, and associated risk.

FMC designed many of today’s industry standard drilling innovations that remain the foundation for both our basic and advanced high-pressure, high-temperature (HP/HT) wellheads. Available in configurations from 2,000 to 20,000 psi, all of our conventional components are tested for the highest standards of performance and are API 6A PR2 (Annex F) qualified.