Rosco Procom is proud to announce the addition of GMA Garnet Group (GMA) to its esteemed portfolio of brands. GMA, renowned for its exceptional high-quality blasting abrasives, brings over 35 years of expertise and innovation to Rosco Procom’s offerings.

“We are thrilled to partner with GMA, a global leader in the garnet abrasive industry,” stated Eugene Sylvester, Head of Consumer and Commercial Division at Rosco Procom. “Their unwavering commitment to quality and performance aligns perfectly with our mission to provide customers with the best possible solutions. GMA’s comprehensive range of products will significantly enhance our ability to cater to diverse blasting needs across various industries.”

GMA boasts the unique distinction of owning the entire garnet supply chain, from source and processing to international distribution. This vertically integrated approach ensures consistent quality and traceability, setting GMA apart from competitors.

“GMA’s high-performance abrasives empowers our customers to achieve superior results,” added Pete Mitchell, Vice President of New Market Development and Technical Management at GMA. “From heavy-duty coating removal to delicate cleaning and restoration, GMA offers the perfect solution for maximizing productivity, surface quality, and cost-effectiveness, all while minimizing dust and promoting safer blasting practices.”

Trusted by leading paint manufacturers, the oil & gas sector, full-service shipyards, and industrial fabricators, GMA Garnet enjoys a well-earned reputation for excellence. Rosco Procom is confident that this strategic partnership will unlock new opportunities and contribute to the continued success of both companies.